Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is the Repo home sold as is, really a bargain?

Everywhere we look there are bank repos being offered AS IS for pennies on the dollar.
AS IS is far too often a great alternitave word for buyer beware.
Far too often a buyers thought is , if it's being sold AS IS why spend additional dollars on hiring a Professional Home Inspector.
Truth is that AS IS home that's been recently painted, had new carpeting installed, and all detailed to look like a new home may have hidden defects that can cost the new buyer thousands of more dollars to correct than the asking price of the home.

For less than $300.00, [ the low 1 time fee for an average sized home inspection] you can hire an unbiased State Lic. Certified Home Inspector, when you hire a Home Inspector your hiring the only person involved in the home sale that is required by state law to look beyond the new paint carpeting , excellent location etc.

Bottom Line:
An AZ Certified Home Inspector is the only person involved in the sale that has nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by not disclosing defects.
An Arizona Certified Home Inspector is only person required by state law to identify and disclose defects, as identified in the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors.

The majority of repo bank owned homes are less than 10 years old. For common defects not corrected, identified, or disclosed by builders on new homes, visit my webste Sample Report.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Considering Home Inspection Profession as a carrer?

Don't be fooled by newspaper or web ads that claim you can make $1000 a day by simply paying someone X amount of dollars to get the training you need, or believe paying an owner of a Web based Home Inspection $289.00 dollars to become a Certified Home Inspector will be your key to success.

In reality starting a Home Inspection business is no different that starting any other type of business.
Like any other business the chance of making it in the Home Inspection Profession 1-2 years is less than 50%.
Apx. costs to get started for proper training, tools, computer, other office equipment, inspection report soft ware, insurance and other business start up expenses will be apx. $12,000-$20,000.
Apx time it takes to get proper training, and your 1st paying job will be 6-12 months.

In Arizona there are several things to consider prior to making the leap.
All Arizona Home Inspectors [ employees of a large firm, or independent inspectors] Are required to be State Certified.
Details can be found at

Tips prior to taking the leap and quitting your daytime job.
***In addition to having the $12-20,000 you will need for start up costs, plan on having enough money in the bank to pay all you bills for at least 1 year.

***Call several established Arizona Certified Inspectors, {pick our brains } and ask all the questions you can.

*** Don't try to cut costs on Professional Home Inspection training, good training from established home inspectors will cost a few dollars more in the beginning, the return for that additional expense will be 10 fold.

*** Wait till after you completed all your training, and received your Arizona State Certification before paying for additional Home Inspector Certifications.

Inspection News
The Inspectors Journal

Meet Arizona Home Inspectors at Free, or Low cost Arizona Home Inspection Meetings, Seminars, or for additional information visit AZ ASHI

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Effective 01-01-2003 All Arizona Home Inspectors were required to be Arizona Certified/ Licensed prior to performing a Home Inspection.
To meet the States minimum requirements a Home Inspector must complete a State approved ***80 Hr. Home Inspection Training Course.
***Complete 30 inspections with an Arizona State Certified Inspector
***Pass a Proctored Exam
***Show proof of Insurance or Post a Bond.
***Pass a FBI Background check
*** Provide One Inspection Report to State Standards
To check how long an inspector was certified, verify if an inspector is currently AZ State Certified check us out at

Buyer Beware, Some Additional Home Inspector Certifications can be Bought..
In addition to being State Certified there are additional ways to acquire Home Inspector Certifications. One National Website based Home Inspector Association will Instantly Market a Person to the Public as A Certified Home Inspector for $289.00, with absolutely no verification of Home Inspector Training or Experience.
To qualify for this Home Inspector Certification all a person has to do is take an open book on-line quiz, promise to take the same on-line open book quiz every year, promise to complete 25 Hrs of HI continued education, and promise to complete a list non verified items.

[American Society of Home Inspectors]
Qualifications for an ASHI Certified Inspector .
In addition to Arizona Certification requirements a Home Inspector
****Must prove proof of completing a minimum of 250 Full Home Inspections to Arizona and ASHI Standards of Professional Practice
****Summit 5 Inspection Reports for peer review to verify the reports are completed to ASHI Standards of Professional Practice.
***Pass an Ethics Exam
***Complete a minimum of 20 Hrs. of Approved Home Inspector Continued Education every year.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arizona New Home Warranty Inspections

Who do you want to trust to inspect and disclose defects present in your new home?
An Arizona State lic Home Inspector, or an employee of your builder?

All inspectors must be licensed by the state, including employees of multi inspector company's.

State Certified Home Inspectors are required, by state law to disclose defects, at time of your New Home Warranty Inspection, and or when you sell your home [as identified in the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors] copy can be viewed at

AZ Home Inspectors must complete a min. of 80 hrs approved training related to the profession,
complete a min. of 30 supervised inspections, pass a state approved exam, pass an FBI back ground check, carry insurance or post a bond, and more, prior to inspecting your home.
View my website "sample report" to view what I inspect, and a sample of an Inspect AZ inspection report.

I've been searching for the past 8 years, been involved in the const. trades in AZ for over 30 years, I haven't found anything yet, as soon as I find something I'll be sure to post it here 1st.

To check on complaints against your builder, and your rights as an Arizona New Home Owner
Additional info why you should have an un-biased State Licensed Home Inspector Inspect your home before your builders warranty expires visit

For additional information on Arizona New Home Warranty- Re-Sale - Home & Mfg, Home Inspections -Thermal Imaging Inspections. visit my website
Service area includes the following cities in Maricopa, and Pinal Counties
Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Laveen, Fountain Hills, Casa Grande, Maricopa, Eloy, Florence, Cooledge, Arizona City.

All inspections are performed by the inspection owner.
Personally performed over 3000 New Home, and Re-Sale Inspections, since 2000
Liability and E@O insured
Dan Harris
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